Big Eddy Glass Works

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The Story of Big Eddy Glass Works

Big Eddy Glass Works began over 16 years ago, when Leah Allison first beheld a glass blowing demonstration in Mexico. By the time her friends dragged her away from the mesmerizing view, she knew she was hooked.

It wasn’t long before Leah dove headfirst into the glassmaking world and began making glass beads full time, and quickly continued on to manning furnaces and blowing glass with fellow artists. For years, she commuted nearly 3 hours (each way) to work at a glassworks studio.

In 2018, she and her husband decided it was time to bring her passion and work a little bit closer to home. In their small mountain town of Revelstoke, they built a studio, named it Big Eddy Glass Works, and opened their doors.

The Big Eddy Glass Works Shop

If there’s one thing you should know about Revelstoke, BC, it’s that people love doing. Winter sports draw thousands of tourists each winter. The summer is no less crowded with adventure-seekers eager for hiking, fishing, and mountain biking. This little glassworks studio, only open a little over six months, drew locals and visitors like moths to a flame.

A furnace flame, in fact.

In the Big Eddy Glass Works Shop, you’ll find dozens of 100% unique, handmade creations. Blown-glass cups, sculptures, beads, candy canes, and paperweights line the shelves.

A viewing counter overlooks Leah’s workshop where you can watch her art unfold before your eyes. A lump of glass becomes threaded with color, takes shape, and becomes — well, that depends on whatever she’s creating that day.

After weeks of her counter being packed with mystified, wide-eyed viewers, Leah decided it was time to bring people into the magic of glasswork by allowing them to experience it firsthand.

The Glass Work Experience

Leah’s classes on glassblowing and bead-making bring a handful of students into the place where the magic, sweat, and artistry actually occurs. It’s all about personalized experiences, with lots of one-one coaching.

Each glassblowing student leaves with something they made themselves, such as a glass-blown cup or an ornament. Beadmaking students can also return to rent space on her torches and continue their own art journey in the same way hers started — creating glass beads.

The Experiences App allows her soon-to-be students to book classes online or while hanging around her viewing counter in the shop. If you’re hoping to get in on this glass-making scene anytime soon, you’d better start planning your trip to Revelstoke now. With her classes booked out well in advance, Leah has plans for adding even more boutique classes to her roster. In particular, she’s excited to soon be adding a romantic couples class, complete with wine, cheese, and plenty of molten glass.

The locals of Revelstoke are lucky to have such a talented creator and teacher in their midst.

And for the rest of us? British Columbia never seemed so intriguing for a vacation.

“The Experiences app had everything that I was looking for in a booking app. It integrates aesthetically with my Shopify theme and when I had a very small issue with the code of my theme not cooperating, I reached out for help and Chip helped me immediately. And that was when I was still on the free trial! I am very happy with my experience using Experiences!”

Leah Allison
Big Eddy Glass Works Globes