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The Story

Nick Neuman and his wife began CarDrop shortly after they hiked from Crested Butte to Aspen. A stunning 11-hour hike through alpine meadows and along rugged mountain trails ended in a trail turn-off where they waited for their shuttle.

Nine hours later, the two exhausted hikers finally made it back to their own car. Their euphoric, relaxing dip into the majesty of the Colorado mountains, ended with hours of stressful navigation and wasted time.

They knew they couldn’t be the only people deeply frustrated by the transportation issues of these beautiful hikes, dimming an otherwise idyllic experience.

So, they started CarDrop.

The Trailhead Transportation Problem

The Colorado mountains are internationally known for jaw-dropping vistas and incredible hikes. In the Denver area, the trail from Crested Butte to Aspen is easily one of the most loved hikes around. It offers stunning scenery while remaining manageable for even beginner hikers.

But when it comes to navigating the local transportation options, things get complicated.

For those hikers who haven’t purchased an exclusive transportation experience through one of the local resorts (which is pricey enough to prohibit most hikers), you must rely on shuttles.

You’ll park in the departure town and book both your departure and arrival shuttle. Then, you jump on your first shuttle and are dropped off at the trailhead. When your hike is finished, another shuttle picks you up at your ending trailhead.

The problem is that these shuttles are inflexible and pricey — between $25 - $100 per person. And if you aren’t there at the time of pick up at your ending trailhead? You’re out of luck.

This generally means that most hikers rush through the trail, anxious they’ll miss the shuttle and be forced to wait hours (or even overnight) for another to come through. Even if you do catch your scheduled shuttle, you’ll easily spend up to 4 extra hours or more picking up and dropping off other hikers before you finally make it back to your car.

In frustration, people have begun dropping off a car at each trailhead — but this wastes even more time and involves far more logistical nonsense than is ideal for a weekend of adventure and relaxation.

The CarDrop Experience

CarDrop makes the hiking experience easy and relaxing. They’re highly responsive, flexible, and know these mountains like the back of their hands.

One of their professional drivers will retrieve your car from whatever trailhead you depart from and safely transport it to your final destination. When you arrive at, your own car is there waiting for you.

No wasted time, no stressful logistics, no pricey shuttle fees, and, best of all, no rushed hikes.

CarDrop uses the Experiences app to allow hikers to request specific pick-up and drop-off times, choose locations, and easily navigate the logistics. It’s easy, fast, and allows nature-lovers to do what they do best — get into the thick of the wilderness and enjoy themselves.

If you’re already pulling up flights to Denver, we don’t blame you. (So are we.)

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