Maker Practice

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Maker Practice offers DIY crafts and workshops that empower guests to learn new skills, try new projects, and connect with their friends in new ways.

Looking at the cozy studio of Maker Practice now, you wouldn’t suspect that it began in a dim basement in Baltimore.

Over the last several years, Mary and Amy, co-owners of Maker Practice, met weekly to ‘make cool stuff together’. They were crafting enthusiasts, who loved discovering and honing new skills.

That basement was a haven and hive of creative activity. Then, one year ago, they realized that all their years of developing skills and knowledge had given them a unique opportunity to share their love of art with others.

Amy and Mary began the planning process to build an experiential business where they could offer workshops and craft nights where anyone could come to learn new skills or enjoy renewed artistic expression. They found a location and launched their fledgling enterprise in the summer of 2018.

The Maker Practice Studio

The cozy Maker Practice Studio, nestled in the heart of Baltimore, is generally filled with lots of laughter, and the rustle, clatter, and clink of various crafting tools. Two rows of crafting tables, usually filled with various types of fabric, paint, wood, or tools, fill the space.

At one end, customers can purchase prepped kits and supplies, and at the other, people get to leave their mark — literally. Every customer who successfully completes a project gets to sign their names to the raw wood Chevron wall. Later, Mary and Amy burn the signatures into the wood and the customer officially joins the Maker Practice ‘inner circle’.

“Our space is meant to be a place where art feels and becomes accessible. The wall is a memorial for people to see what they and others were able to accomplish, and how creativity and art can pull people together into a community.”

The Maker Practice Experience

Mary and Amy are all about inclusivity. They develop projects for all skill levels, whether your friends are forcing you into this as an alternative to a happy hour, or you have literally tried just about everything when it comes to DIY art and are eager for a new challenge. At the end of every class, everyone walks out the door with a completed project.

Too many people are intimidated by art, as far as Mary and Amy are concerned. Their goal is to help people feel empowered to find their creative outlet and be proud of what they can accomplish.

“The point,” Mary explains, “is to make art accessible to everyone.”

Their methods certainly appear to be working, as their courses, created through the Experiences App, have been booked solid weeks in advance and they regularly fill up with return customers bringing friends. In fact, so enthusiastic was the response to their grand opening that, after just a few months, they decided to open up the studio for group reservations. The Experiences App also made creating these events easy to manage.

These days, it’s not an uncommon sight to see the studio filled to the brim with newly passionate art enthusiasts, each working on their own projects using kits purchased from the store and enjoying a glass (or two) of wine, beer, or bourbon.

What’s Next for Maker Practice?

Mary and Amy have big plans for the future. They’re planning to expand their workshop for more classes and will be building out their retail space to stock more materials and supplies both digitally and in-store. Soon, they’ll be shipping out kits and materials to allow anyone with a creative itch to experience a new form of artistic outlet.

As for us, we’ve got our eyes on the leatherworking kit. What can we say — Mary and Amy’s enthusiasm have us feeling confident.

"The customer service for Experiences App is beyond amazing! Someone is always available for a chat, they listen to what the issue is, and do their best to solve it. It’s been so beneficial for our business, and we are so glad that we came across the Experiences App."

The Maker Practice team